Neptun’s Rock 11 straight line edger turned into laboratory-machine.
Neptun, the Italian manufacturer of glass processing machines founded by Stefano Bavelloni, has recently delivered one of its straight-line edger Rock 11 to a famous European producer of polishing wheels, which is now being used in his R&D department to test the settings and performance of their new wheels.                001-bassa007
Upon request, the standard machine has been turned into a real laboratory-machine.
It has been implemented with an automatic pneumatic adjustment of all polishing wheels by means of proportional valves, inverters for the speed adjustment of the spindles and digital tools for the visualization and fine-tuning of 0,1 bar pressure.
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This strong customer-tailored automation, allows to record and down-load all the significant production data like pressure of the wheels, conveying speed, RPM, wheel consumption, etc., in order to optimize the analysis of the functionalities and performance of the wheels and thus the optimal settings of the machines to obtain the highest quality in processing.
Neptun’s straight-line edger Rock has been selected for this purpose due to its robustness, absence of vibration, and high precision of the processing, which allow the extreme accuracy and reliability required for the tests that have to be repeated numerous times, with minimal variations in settings.

Proof that Neptun is committed to research and development for the best possible performance!